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Comments by Thomas Dippel


Adding a trim() should do the trick

tmpl("template-upload", data.files[0]).trim()

You'll probably want to add a rel="nofollow" to those admin links so Googlebot doesn't try to follow them.
You should of course protect your controller actions with a before_filter, but even then your application error log is not going to be pretty if the bot starts crawling those links :)


@Daniel: How about using ElasticSearch with Heroku?

For something like Sunspot and Solr, you can use the WebSolr add-on, but is there any hosted ElasticSearch solutions out there, that works nicely with Heroku?


What are the advantages of using this over Sunspot and Solr?


Hmm... Personally I think I would have added the erb-preprocessor to the coffeescript-file and referenced the constant through an erb block:

jQuery ->
  Stripe.setPublishableKey('<%= STRIPE_PUBLIC_KEY %>')

Has anyone had any success with using the "binding.pry" feature with Pow?


Quick question.

Let's say that the author of the main app that uses the engine, decides to mount it under a different path.
For instance:

mount Uhoh::Engine => "/failures", :as => "uhoh"

How would this influence the assets used by the engine.
I imagine that the image at the top of the Uhoh failures page would fail, as the engine is no longer in the /uhoh path?

<%= image_tag "uhoh/alert.png" %>

Or is this handled automatically by Rails?