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I had issues installing Postgres with the instructions in this Railscast. However I was able to get postgres running on my project with http://postgresapp.com/ and http://inductionapp.com/ (Hat tip to this stackoverflow thread).

  1. Download & install Postgres.app (documentation) Make sure to install in /Applications.
  2. Update your PATH
    In my case I added the following to ~/.bash_profile
    export PATH="/Applications/Postgres.app/Contents/MacOS/bin:$PATH"
    Check that Postgres.app is being loaded
$ which psql
  1. Update /config/database.yml
     adapter: postgresql
     encoding: unicode
     database: myapp_development
     pool: 5
     host: localhost
  1. bundle exec rake db:create:all
  2. I'm hosting my app on Heroku so then ran a heroku db:pull
  3. Download & install Induction.
  4. Launch Induction and connect using these settings.
    NOTE Select the last postgres option in Adapter dropdown
Adapter     postgres
Hostname    localhost
Username    [I left this blank]
Password    [I left this blank]
Port        5432
Database    [I left this blank]
  1. Once Induction launches you can select your app's database from list in top left dropdown.

small typo in transcription (ASCIIcast)


should be singular



Ryan thanks for the excellent deployment series.

I'm attempting to deploy to Linode following these recipes and get the following error when I try to cold deploy:

failed: "sh -c 'if [ -d /home/deployer/apps/alexapp/shared/cached-copy ]; then cd 
/home/deployer/apps/alexapp/shared/cached-copy && git fetch -q origin && git 
fetch --tags -q origin && git reset -q --hard 
bdfebfaa7b77893a800afb9ccf85d66296ed15e0 && git clean -q -d -x -f; else git 
clone -q git@github.com:alexagui/alexapp.git 
/home/deployer/apps/alexapp/shared/cached-copy && cd 
/home/deployer/apps/alexapp/shared/cached-copy && git checkout -q -b deploy 
bdfebfaa7b77893a800afb9ccf85d66296ed15e0; fi'" on 50.116.34.XXX

Suggestions in right direction will be greatly appreciated.