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Your "edit" form object can often be a subclass of your "new"/"create" form object, that simply sets certain fields as read-only. Virtus, for one, makes that easy (where they're called private attributes).


Anyone on a Mac coming along who doesn't like PgAdmin (and Navicat seems to be dying), might want to try http://www.valentina-db.com/

Nice native UI, and the free version is certainly capable enough for individuals and small teams; orgs big enough to effectively use the Pro features should find the price reasonable.


Had a problem with local testing of my newly-built Gem. Bundler couldn't find the Gem at all when specified using :path => ~/src/rails/my_gem/pkg. When I pushed to Github and changed the Gemfile line to use :git =>, running bundle pulled the built Gem down from Github but then had a message that said

Could not find gem '(redacted) (>= 0) ruby' in git://github.com/jdickey/(redacted).git (at master).
Source does not contain any versions of '(redacted) (>= 0) ruby'

It would only work when I pushed the Gem to rubygems.org. This strongly implies to me that I should have added a source line to my Gemfile, but the episode didn't seem to cover that. Should it have?


I'm on the third iteration of an alpha release for a system that, by 1.0, has been publicly committed to implementation as a service-component architecture. What I've got now is the result of a series of increasingly rushed three-steps-forward-two-back iterations, with the apps mostly breaking their faces against data formatting/communication over the wire.

The effort has been going on for some four months now. The first iteration used Grape around a couple of core components. Since we lost half our development staff, those components have been subsumed into the "traditional" Rails apps that now exist.

I just spent a couple of hours poking around with a greenfield prototype using RABL and got functionality working that took the then-larger team almost two weeks to get right.

I'll definitely be following the RABL project and making use of it in future. Thanks for the as-always excellent Railscast, Ryan! My Pro subscription is some of the best-spent money I can think of lately!