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Your "edit" form object can often be a subclass of your "new"/"create" form object, that simply sets certain fields as read-only. Virtus, for one, makes that easy (where they're called private attributes).


Anyone on a Mac coming along who doesn't like PgAdmin (and Navicat seems to be dying), might want to try

Nice native UI, and the free version is certainly capable enough for individuals and small teams; orgs big enough to effectively use the Pro features should find the price reasonable.


Had a problem with local testing of my newly-built Gem. Bundler couldn't find the Gem at all when specified using :path => ~/src/rails/my_gem/pkg. When I pushed to Github and changed the Gemfile line to use :git =>, running bundle pulled the built Gem down from Github but then had a message that said

Could not find gem '(redacted) (>= 0) ruby' in git:// (at master).
Source does not contain any versions of '(redacted) (>= 0) ruby'

It would only work when I pushed the Gem to This strongly implies to me that I should have added a source line to my Gemfile, but the episode didn't seem to cover that. Should it have?


I'm on the third iteration of an alpha release for a system that, by 1.0, has been publicly committed to implementation as a service-component architecture. What I've got now is the result of a series of increasingly rushed three-steps-forward-two-back iterations, with the apps mostly breaking their faces against data formatting/communication over the wire.

The effort has been going on for some four months now. The first iteration used Grape around a couple of core components. Since we lost half our development staff, those components have been subsumed into the "traditional" Rails apps that now exist.

I just spent a couple of hours poking around with a greenfield prototype using RABL and got functionality working that took the then-larger team almost two weeks to get right.

I'll definitely be following the RABL project and making use of it in future. Thanks for the as-always excellent Railscast, Ryan! My Pro subscription is some of the best-spent money I can think of lately!