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GitHub User: dgilliam

Site: foundersbrew.tumblr.com

Comments by Drew Gilliam


Bootstrap is a game changer for sure. Any chance we could get a quick update on how to use it along with tools like http://bootswatch.com/ or https://wrapbootstrap.com/ to introduce some variation into our designs?


I was getting the error:
>$ rake db:migrate
'rake aborted!
FATAL: role "blog" does not exist'

so I had to create a superuser 'blog':
>$createuser -s blog


I'm getting the same problem. I was actually able to go around it temporarily by running webrick from the app directory ($ rails s) and then hit my server at port 3000 (example.com:3000).

The last answer on this page suggests that maybe routes are not being created and thus the 500 error.


Unfortunately the link to the fix is broken, but I flagged it so hopefully it will get fixed.

p.s. is the unicorn.log file supposed to loop/scroll without stopping? Seems odd to me when I'm not hitting the app.


This is a great tutorial, however I'm having trouble getting it to work on my app. It seems like the instructions indicate the application.manifest file will auto-generate when you run localhost/application.manifest, but it doesn't do that for me :(

The app is Rails 2.3.8, Ruby 1.8.7 so I can't use Bundler to install, is that the problem?