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Comments by Daren Serra Dias Warburton


I have the same issue, did you resolve this?


I used this and it works also:

def sort
    params[:faq].each_with_index do |id, index|
        faq = Faq.find(id)
        faq.update_attribute(:position, index) if faq
    render nothing: true

In this case, it uses update_attribute instead of update_all...update_all was giving me an error with Mongoid 2


How do you think this compares to the terminitor gem...I have been using it to start up my environments.


I have this working with Kaminari, what is the problem you are having?



gem "sunspot_matchers"
gem "sunspot-rails-tester"


Yeah, thanks Ryan, great cast!

I too switched from Thinking Sphinx over to Sunspot, mainly because at the time I was developing an app needing fulltext search, Heroku did not support TS. Please note that Heroku does support TS now.

Also, I used Sunspot with Mongoid, but this required a monkeypatch to have access to variables such as current_page, total_pages, etc...those used in pagination. Here is a link to the approach I took http://techbot.me/2011/01/full-text-search-in-in-rails-with-sunspot-and-solr/.

And no rake tasks existed with the sunspot_mongoid gem, so I used Aaron Qian's version that can be found on Github, and it works sweet.

Anyway Ryan, I hope you can show us a little more sunspot but used with Mongoid...I'm sure you will have a better solution than the one I have just described!


Awesome stuff Ryan! Love the ease of including subdomains in 3.1!