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You can just set reasonable defaults in your presenter class's method definitions

class UserPresenter < BasePresenter
  def some_method(size = 1)


You can also add another newline between the object declaration and the call to createToken.

processCard: ->
  card =
    {number: $('#card_number').val(),
    cvc: $('#card_code').val(),
    expMonth: $('#card_month').val(),
    expYear: $('#card_year').val()}

  Stripe.createToken(card, subscription.handleStripeResponse)

For anyone not using rails, there is one tricky bit. here:

RSpec.configure do |c|
  c.treat_symbols_as_metadata_keys_with_true_values = true
  c.around(:each, :vcr) do |example|
    name = example.metadata[:full_description].split(/\s+/, 2).join("/").underscore.gsub(/[^\w\/]+/, "_")
    options = example.metadata.slice(:record, :match_requests_on).except(:example_group)
    VCR.use_cassette(name, options) { }

The underscore method is a rails helper, but is unnecessary here because gsub(/[^\w\/]+/, "_") already takes care of any non-word character that's not a slash.


If this is how you handle deletion application wide, then I don't see a problem with it. All resources already have a destroy action.


I just had this problem, you need to set capistrano to symlink youre public/whatever directory to a shared directory of your choosing.

See the answer to this stack overflow question


I found this to be the case on my Linode running with lucid. Thanks for the tip.


Thanks so much Ryan.

I has been beating my head against the wall trying to deploy on a clean unix box for days. This was straight forward and super easy to follow. I also love using vagrant to test my setup!

Keep em coming, best $9 a month I can imagine sending.


Thanks for the amazing material. At $10 a month this is the most valuable development resource I've come across.

If anyone is having trouble getting the checkboxes to save make sure you make your assocation_ids accessible.