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+1 I was actually a bit surprised to see an angular screencast before an ember screencast.


I agree. I requested an ajax episode hoping that newer methods for binding would be demonstrated. I was also hoping that binding events through the ajax cycle would be covered. I've been trying to bind events to show a spinner user .on and then using the ajax events at the different points in the ajax call life cycle. It seems there's ways to do this with UJS and ways to just do it with jQuery now as well. I was hoping for coverage on that. Disappointed though that at least the new proper ways to do event bindings weren't covered.


Is anyone working on a rubber template for sidekiq? This would make deployment to ec2 much easier. I would do it myself if I knew what I as doing with Capistrano (still learning).


Kevin, do you have anything you could point me to as far as blog posts or documentation on how you went about setting up torquebox on EC2? I've fallen in love with torquebox in the last couple days and I want my ultimate destination to be EC2. It would be nice to use Rubber to help manage this. I see you've created a torquebox template, I'm just wondering if you have any documentation on how you've used it and how well it has worked for you. Thanks!