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Ryan, thanks for another excellent railscast!

Hi everyone.. I have to say, setting it up initially wasn't very easy. Turns out rubber is not very happy with "complex" database.yml (with conditional environment if's etc..) or with hyphens in the app name which, at least when using mysql templates, confuse rubber.

After having fixed a few annoying issues - and separating the credentials, I now have a weird issue (and a question below):

The problem I hope someone can shed some light on:
cap rubber:create_staging runs without errors. However, it ends with the same output as rubber:bootstrap does. i.e. the last command is:
* executing "sudo -p 'sudo password: ' bash -l /tmp/create_master_db"
and never actually fires up an apache/passenger to run my app.. and thus the link is not accessible.
Also, a bit above, collectd throws an error:
** [out :: production.foo.com] Starting statistics collection and monitoring daemon: collectd
** [out :: production.foo.com] configfile: stat (/etc/collectd/conf.d/*.conf) failed: No such file or directory

Can collectd be the reason why my app doesn't actually start? I'm using rubber 2.0.5 by the way. Or may it be that it requires me to run another command to get things started (even on staging)?

And the other question:
I'm using the complete_passenger_mysql template - which hopefully includes everything - but was tempted to use complete_passenger_nginx_mysql - any benefit in doing this instead??