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Great work again Ryan.

I starting using this on my latest project and it rocks. However beware of bug related to following relative urls.

Phantomjs is unable to follow a javascript redirect (i.e. window.location.href = XXX"
it throws a "Not allowed to load local resource" error.

AS a quick and dirty i just changed the relative url to full url in the affected code and that fixed the problem.

Hope that helps anyone that might encounter this issue.

Here is link to recent post with some specific issue tix



Will it doesn't say (AFAICS) in the stripe documentation that Stripe will not work in production without it, the docs do recommend having it. (My guess is that it will not work in prod mode without SSL)


In pro episode 357 Adding SSL, Ryan suggests going as far as making all sites that collect user information or require login of some sort to use SSL.



I will respectfully challenge you on this one. Ryan's timing is absolutely uncanny! I've been agonizing over how to get rid of elastic search as I move my app to heroku which has only beta support via Bonsai.io for last week.

It also happened to be my Birthday on the 17th so the timing is especially auspicious!

Thank you Ryan for these amazing screencasts. When someone finally creates the RoR Hall of Fame, you will surely be one of the top nominees!


Thanks for the comments. Although Foundation supported responsive layouts from the beginning. Although it looks like twitter implementation seems a bit more robust.

Thanks again.



This is right on time. Do you plan on doing a comparison with Foundation from the guys at Zurb? Foundation

I am having a tough time deciding which solution to go with mostly because of the less vs sass issue.

Thanks again.