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Site: http://sidengo.com

Comments by Gabriel


Great screencast! One question, I keep getting exception notifications for the default_ignore_exceptions, why is this? Has anyone experienced this problem?


Yes I have the same issue, although everything is working fine and it does not appear to be affecting anything (to my knowledge). Just an annoying message hopefully...


Found a solution to send a prawn generated pdf as an email attachment. Inside your mailer:

def new_subscription(user, invoice)
@invoice = invoice
pdf = SubscriptionPdf.new(@invoice)
attachments["invoice.pdf"] = { :mime_type => 'application/pdf', :content => pdf.render }
mail(:to => user.email, :subject => 'Subscription Receipt', :from => "example@example.com")

This is working for me on Rails 3.2


Great I'll check it out!

Do you know how can I send a pdf generated with prawn as an attachment in an email? Want to send invoices when a customer buys something.

Would really appreciate any help!!!


Great cat as always, very helpful!

Does anyone know how to send a pdf generated with prawn as an attachment? I've search for docs on this and can't find any.


Great episode Ryan!

It would be AWESOME if you could go into more depth in stripe, even if it is with the pro subscription. It would be very very useful.


  • 1 for this episode, but a future episode going into more depth in stripe would be + 100 !