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GitHub User: AntonTrapp

Site: http://firma.allproducts.info

Comments by Anton Trapp


My fault. Already added the gem to the gemfile months ago :)
The bundler hack does not work for me, I have to add the gems to the gemfile.


Great as always. Thanks.

For people who are using unicode characters, there is a gem called "hirb-unicode" which alignes the table contents correct.

Btw.: I don't have the bundler issues (rvm / hirb-unicode). Not that I want to complain ;)


touch ~/.irbrc
File does not exist, you have to create it ;)


1st look at meteor - awesome! Second look, forget it. sass does not seem to work at all, you can't customize twitter bootstrap as there is no way to customize what files are loaded in what order, ... I try it again in some years... screencast great as always!


Great screencast - as always!
Thank you very much, you really save me much time with almost every episode...

btw: I don't know ANY (no, really, not one single person!) person who is using prototype with Rails...