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Comments by Ace Suares


Nice screencast!

But I am confused. If some user logs in via Twitter,and the later via Facebook, you're stuck with two user accounts.

There must be a way to connect multiple authentication methods to the same user profile. I looked at the mapping thing and even paid for a plus account, but as of yet I don't see a good way to do this.

If the twitter account has a@b.com and the Facebook account has x@y.com, how will the merge safely?

I am thinking of making the users signup via the devise standard method, and then be able to add the other methods later (by authenticating against devise/database) - say, linking their twitter and google and facebook accounts against the devise/database accounts, but that seems less friendly.

Especially if someone is presented with the engage screen, and chooses to authenticate with an account not yet linked to their main account, how will they merge/link? By presenting them with another standard devise/database log in form?

I might be missing the whole point of engage authentication, so if anyone has a good way of doing this, I would be grateful.


Just what I needed today - thanks Ryan!


Ok, tried different things, but in the end I made an app/validators in my engine, and since all in app is (auto?) loaded, the validators from the engine are now loaded too.



Agree with OP.

lib isn't autoloaded anymore.

Also, the blog post mentioned by tuscanidream doesn't explain how to get lib in engine to autoload. I think it would be good to autoload stuff from eninges, that don't belong in app. Or, make something like app/validators, which makes more sense to me.