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Check out Locomotive CMS overview in my blog - http://railsguides.net/2012/09/24/the-best-content-management-system-cms . Locomotive CMS is the best system for today in my opinion


Nice cast, Ryan. Thank you! I wrote article in my blog a few weeks ago. Those article about deploying rails 3 application to heroku and assets to s3. I hope this theme will be interesting too for you and it is reasonable to make the next railscast about this kind of deploying assets.


Thanks Ryan for wonderful episode!

But I'm not sure that you did correctly by moving price and released_at to product.js. It would be better if you made this methods in price.rb model and when you render product to json you would set methods price and released_at to render json format.


What about accepts_nested_attributes?


I wouldn't make this routes because 2006 can be id article so I won't open this article for example.