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GitHub User: BlakeGeist

Site: http://www.effectivewebsolutions.biz/our_team

Comments by Blake Geist


Hey someone, I have made it a good way through this tutorial trying to make it work on rails 4, and have encountered a problem Im stuck at about 6mins 30 secs in. I think its my render partial, I have probably done something wrong, anyways I after upload images my render partial does not refresh, it adds the new image and all other images under the image that was already attached. So if I add two images to a new item it shows the first image, then renders the partial again with the first image and the second image under the first so there are 3 photos in total. I'm kinda lost any help would be great!


Hi Jamie Barton, you are absolutely right. This was written very late in the night and out of frustration. I have most of this working now. Thanks.


Please update for Rails 4 kinda useless now.