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Just want to say how great this addition has been to a project! I am doing alot of work with a SOAP API and when things go wrong the "live shell" has been awesome.


Working with a group of developers we had some issues after doing git pull on our local machines. Just wondering if we missed something in our .gitignore to make the workflow easier?


click_on question.
Trying to test a link that has a pdf to a file that is on a remote server.
But click_on will fail with this error.
No route matches [GET] "/u/54803135/Resume.pdf"
As if it is cutting the full url out for some reason?
If I look at the page it is fine and the url is in the source so not sure if there is a switch I am missing to tell click_on to pass the full url to page.response_headers['Content-Type'].should eq "application/pdf"

The url is nothing special just a simple url with some numbers.


ps wrong thread? Just let me know if there is a good site to post this type of question, new to ruby/rails.


I tried angularjs_scaffold as mentioned at the end of the video. But I see it's version of angular is 1.03 and seems like not much is happening on their github account either.
angularjs_scaffold github

The approach you used in this video is nice for a 1 page app but just wondering how it would scale for a full site with numerous apps or features which is why I tried angularjs_scaffold.

Do you think angularjs_scaffold is still viable? And is the method in this tutorial good enough to build a full angular website.

What I mean by full website is that as with angularjs_scaffold, other than the welcome page, all the controllers output json and all the views are basically being managed by angular.

Thanks for the great vids!


What would it look like to add two tags to an existing or new article at the rails command line?