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GitHub User: bluemihai

Site: http://theactiongame.com

Comments by Mihai Banulescu


I'm trying to duplicate the "logged out of FB" error Ryan gets, and I can't. My app won't crash!

Did Facebook do anything to fix that?

Thanks! I don't want to add the error-rescuing code if I don't have to.


I'm running into a strange issue: when my initial page loads, the list is NOT sortable. If I refresh, it becomes sortable and everything works.

I'm using ZURB Foundation in my app. Could there be some sort of conflict?

I'm also pretty fuzzy on javascript, jQuery and the function() call.

Could it be that the list is shown before the document finishes loading? Isn't this solved by the function() call? Why doesn't Ryan have that function() call in his coffee script?



Has anyone gotten the S3 direct upload version at the end with Rails 4? The uploading works, but the page doesn't get updated without a refresh, and I don't see the progress bars.

Perhaps it has something to do with Turbolinks?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Is there a way to edit the name?

I implemented this with my existing Projects views, creating a separate _tinyform partial so I could still edit each Project.

Problem: the submit button is gone, so my users cannot edit their Projects.

What do I do? Can I turn off the plug-in? Is that one of the advantages of using .on, perhaps?

Thanks! I'm a newbie in rails and especially in js.


Thanks for the tip.

I tried to ommit username and password, and I'm still getting the "no password supplied" error when I try to scaffold a model.

Any idea what to try next?