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Ryan, any thoughts about doing the "hide" request at the user level vs the browser level, such as using Redis to store the hidden state per user rather than cookies?


Seems to me when I signed up, I looked at the HTML, and he was using Braintree. Ryan, interested in knowing if this is true and if you are planning on converting to stripe for credit cards?


I use Braintree, which I love. But it has two problems, first I pay a monthly fee, second I have to pay another monthly fee for each application I write (since the name on the account has to be "prominently displayed on your site", it has to be the application name not a company name, and hence not sharable across applications).

With this, I get the pricing of PayPal but the customer convenience of entering credit cards directly on my site. Way cool. Can hardly wait to set it up.


If you click on the big "Railscast" logo on the top left hand corner...you'll get "both types".

I agree having a link in the right hand nav would be useful, though!


Hi, question. I'm using rspec, and added the 'include ActionView::TestCase::Behavior' as you recommended. However, I'm getting a "undefined method 'setup'" error from action_controller/test_case.rb:12. I am using Rails 3.1.

Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong?