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JS frameworks interact identically with all server-side frameworks. Rails integration process is tivial and is not worth half of all last month's episodes


Railscasts make me more and more sad lately: boring reviews of monstrous js-frameworks instead of hardcore rails features.

Had I wanted to be js-guru I would have subscribed to something js-oriented, not rails.

It's time to be renamed to jscasts. Waiting for node.js reviews as a part of digging inside trash process.


Railscasts make me more and more sad lately: boring js-frameworks reviews instead of hardcore rails features.

It's time for be renamed to jscasts.


Sorry but I think this episode is far below average level: nearly everything is obvious and can be googled easily.


Yes, adding f.input :foo, :as => :string to form for such a field resolved the issue


It seems that the error occurs while rendering input for field with custom pgsql type (something like CREATE TYPE foo_type AS ENUM ... )


When I follow create or edit link I get the following error: "undefined method `_input' for #ActiveAdmin::FormBuilder:0x105b9a040" in gems/activeadmin-0.3.2/app/views/active_admin/resource/edit.html.arb

Using formtastic 1.2.4 seems to make no affect -- the error still occurs
Any ideas?