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Site: http://www.filvo.com

Comments by Akash Kamboj


Same happening to me. switched to 2.13.4 but it doesn't have the cap deploy:web:[action] tasks also.


I really liked the page caching, because page serving is 100 times faster when using nginx compared to fragment caching and action caching. But I have some doubts, and I would really appreciate if you can answer these.

  1. I have a large site and a lot of content like most read, recent content etc on almost each page. If i use page caching Do i delete all page cache like mentioned in this tutorial

  2. If I use the above technique, I guess for users it will work fine but when Google will come to read the site, won't it take too long to read pages, because they might not be in cache at all that time.

  3. If I use delayed jobs to generate page in cache in backend. Will that be a reasonable solution?

Any help will be really appreciated.


Hi Ryan, Thanks so much for another great screencast. I totally learnt Rails following your screencasts. I noticed that ActiveAdmin using devise, what's the best way to authorize admin panel to the users who have roles of Administrator. I was using CanCan. Do active admin have anything for Authorization or do we have to integrate it through CanCan?