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GitHub User: mattdbridges

Site: http://matt-bridges.com

Comments by Matt Bridges


+1 Definitely looking forward to the Capistrano deployment episode.


Excellent screencast Ryan! Always incredibly helpful!

By the way, I created a basic formatting gem based on your gem publishing screencast called validates_formatting_of. This eliminates the need for pasting in special regex (and allows custom regex if you want). Thought I would throw that out there for you to take a look at.


Fantastic! This could very much come in handy for future projects.



It looks like you blog-after directory in the source code is not updated with the format_url method.



ActiveAdmin does work with this command, just not the rake assets:precompile. Just make sure you migrate Heroku's database, too.


I am running into the error discussed in this area of the devcenter.


I am not sure exactly how to resolve or debug at this time, but I will report back if I find anything.


Not yet, but I will be trying @bnerd's solution first.


ActiveAdmin is absolutely amazing! Thank you for doing a screencast on this.

On a side note, are you aware of the issues that ActiveAdmin has with Rails 3.1 on Heroku? I've been playing around with it for some time and haven't found a reasonable answer.