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GitHub User: cbetta

Site: http://cristianobetta.com

Comments by Cristiano Betta


We ctually figured out a way. Here's the Gist for those of you needing this:



Does anyone know how to make the custom login form remember login details? E.g. when I type my email but with an incorrect password it now forgets about the email address.


Tnx. That was very useful. I'm currently rewriting the authentication of production app and both of today's episodes have been exactly what I needed.


Just a small comment on the pruning of old searches. I think it's generally bad behaviour to remove old searches. People might link to it, expect it to remain, and boom, suddenly it's gone.

It's probably better to check if a specific search already exists before creation and redirect to it if need be.


Here's another tip: Foreman runs anywhere. I currently use it in a non-Rails folder to get it to start up 2 Rails apps that need to run at the same time. Example:

web: cd site; bundle exec rails s
worker: cd site; rake jobs:work
search: cd site; bundle exec rake sunspot:solr:run
scheduler: cd redirect; rake jobs:work
log: tail -f site/log/development.log