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Comments by Michael Moulsdale


Stripe now available in the UK. And yes, this is by far the simplest payment system out there. Excellent cast as ever


Really wish I had watched this a long time ago. Sorted out a bunch of muddled thoughts in my head. Superb


Great article. I've been using this for a while and due to the number of PDFs that I create would like to create one or more 'partials' or similar to share standard methods (company address, header info etc.). Has anyone been able to do this. There are some queries that allude to this on Stack overflow, bu they are all quite old and don't use the pdfs folder


Great screencast that I just revisited.

I'm using it with Twitter Bootstrap and Simple_Form. With this in play the parent().hide() function hides the dropdown box, but does not hide the label...

Now I can get round this by created a div around both and hiding that, but that seems to be a bit cumbersome. Looking at the page source I don't see any other obvious divs to use.

Any thoughts?


Now I may have missed something obvious, but the one area that seems to be missing is securing the Tenant model.

You only want a none authenticated person to sign up and create a new tenant
You want an existing tenant to only edit, update, and destroy, and only their own account
And then you want the admin to do anything, but that is a special case for many things

So I guess this is all going to be custom code within the controller (ie force the id in edit, update, and destroy. Only allow new and create if current_id does not exist)