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Comments by Daniel Dosen


Awesome screencast! Thanks for exposing this, and making it easy for me to ask a question (almost a year later) "Gee, I wonder if this was ever discussed on Railscasts?"

After pulling my hair out a bit with EmberData, I'm completely blown away by meteor...

What's the word on meteor support for other database technology? Like a SQL db?


I'm just stoked about learning about defaults on namespaces in the routes...

     namespace :api, defaults: {format: 'json'} do

that's a great tip.


I know this is old... But it made my day!


I know this is a few weeks old - but this railscast has been as indispensable as the casts on backbone. Thank you for showing me what I needed to use before I even realized it.


Thanks for that link on testing! pretty useful...

And I'd like to hear Ryan's POV on moving away from Rails if you're leveraging MVC on the client. I agree that rails seems a bit overkill for single page/web2.0 app (like Trello).

To push your point further - it almost felt like extra work to use server validations in this episode.


This was great! I (think I) know backbone and this episode had tons of useful extras that either taught me something new, or really solidified a concept - priceless!:

  • example where the context changes...
  • handling server errors/callbacks in a view
  • using wait judiciously
  • custom events
  • refactoring in backbone
  • catchall push state

Here's suggestions for Part 3:

  • testing backbone apps
  • tdd'ing backbone apps

Awesome job! You have a knack for distilling a complex (or cumbersome) process into simple pieces.

Thanks for pointing out bind has changed. I just upgraded a site and ran into that... and for pointing out there's a third (context) item to pass into a backbone event - never knew that was there - although I'm still not sure what it does. Maybe explain that in part 2!


I like the little gems (no pun intended) you pick up watching these - like this is the second or third time I've seen you use the delegate method and I'm starting to use it...


Awesome! It pays to read the documentation. I'm looking through them now to see what else I missed...


Not sure if you're still looking at comments - but I see you're not using Cucumber here at all - do you ever use it with rspec? Do you think there's a benefit to using it when you're already using cabybara?