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Site: http://www.ecarlesso.org

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Yes. To be complete, Refinery is compatible with anything you may want. As @shaman-sh sayd, it may take some time to understand how.

I found out that browsing the source of refinery-core was explanatory.
Working with these views I've been able to restyle everything I need:


But most important (and I had to copy by hand) layouts/application.html.erb can make your life easier. Anyway is pretty simple (this is my version with already container-fluid class for the page_container):

<!DOCTYPE html>
<%= render '/refinery/html_tag' %>
  <% site_bar = render('/refinery/site_bar', :head => true) -%>
  <%= render '/refinery/head' %>
    <%= site_bar -%>
    <%= render '/refinery/ie6check' if request.env['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] =~ /MSIE/ -%>
    <div id="page_container" class="container-fluid">
      <header id="header">
        <%= render '/refinery/header' -%>
      <section id="page">
        <%= yield %>
      <footer class="footer">
        <%= render '/refinery/footer' -%>
    <%= render '/refinery/javascripts' %>

Hi Ryan,
as always a very useful screencast! But here the hard question:

How do you test things like this?


Is there a way to use Pry with Foreman?


What do you mean? Doesn't

tailf log/development.log

fits your needs?


Sorry for those who's using Prototype! Never a mention for Mootools users! :D