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I was using a previous aws key-pair and for some reason creating one named gsg-keypair fixed the problem.


Yeah I have the same problem despite the instance being available. I'm able to ssh to it.

. ** Failed to connect to IP_SNIP, retrying
  * executing `rubber:_allow_root_ssh'
  * executing "sudo -p 'sudo password: '  bash -l -c 'cp /home/ubuntu/.ssh/authorized_keys /root/.ssh/'"
    servers: ["SNIP"]

Is there a reason rubber uses haproxy and not the Amazon Load Balancer? Are there any benefits from using haproxy and is it possible to use the Amazon Load Balancer with rubber?


Is it possible to use rails-api and doorkeeper together? I'm not sure where the Doorkeeper UI should live. Possibly hack it into rails-api or add it to another rails app, what do you think?


Yep your correct. I probably didn't word my question very well.

Since the root user doesn't have access to ssh you cant rsync the files to /var/chef so I have to figure out a work around for that. I don't think enabling the root user is a good option.


On my Ubumtu server on AWS I'm not able to use rsync with the root user. Any ideas why?


We're also have this problem when deploying with bundler. I found our problem on SO

Two of us worked on it for an hour and couldn't come up with any fixes.