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Ah @Dom so I guess all the things Ryan points out in the video still haven't been added to Omniauth Identity since Dec 2011? I was assuming a number of them had probably been added since then.

Hmmm. In your opinion, would it be worth (me, or someone) adding them--in the spirit of open-source--to the OmniAuth Identity code, for everyone to use, or is it--in your opinion--just a fundamental problem over has_secure_password and probably isn't the right way to build support for something like this?

(Background: I'm mostly interested in building a internal, shared login solution (SSO) for all app services/assets in-house that will use Rails to login via a centralized login service--that we'll build. We may also provide FB/OpenID etc. auth, too, but that's not the main goal. It's mainly a 'separable' login service in-house for all our devs to use.)


@jleecbd have you figured out any more regarding the questions you ask here--I'm interested in similar topics.

Also, when you say (to Ryan) "previously you made all Omniauth authentication options exist" which RailsCast are you referring to? I'm interested in which one you mean.

~ Brad