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Comments by Felipe Espinoza Castillo


I didn't know but you can manage more the flash hash...with a flash method and an after_filter I solved are the flash methods if someone has a similar problem some day


ryan I was trying to do the same thing with my current proyect, and I have working the dynamic content, but I have problems with the flash messages, I have the same escenario as you, I send a submit action to a users#edit with a :notice => "hello" that redirects to deals#index (which have the notice message).... but when the callback is called the flash message is gone, it's a separate request to deals#current_user (I had trouble with using my users_controller given of decent_exposure gem)...anyway, I can do dynamic content, but the flash messages are lost and I don't know how to fix that. Please help


yeah, I was thinking the same... There is an advantage of using rbenv instead of rvm in a production environment? perhaps it's something about performance


@Ryan this is a flow layout for the site? an episode explaining how to do this kind of web design using sass for example could be really useful


Wow!! great work ryan!
this new design is awesome!
great work!