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After watching this Railscast and researching a bunch of other articles online, I figured out a way to do it with all of the upsides and none of the downsides–you get a pretty URL with both ID and name, parameterized, fully functional in controllers/views, without having to add a slug field to the database or anywhere else. Pretty efficient, I think. This is it if anyone is interested:



Outstanding overview of SASS. And thanks for the color wheel popup tip in TextMate; I didn't even know about that!


Great Railscast, though I felt Rails Composer was sorely missing; seems like it's becoming the de-facto solution for this kind of thing.


Is there a good way to prevent an user from adding (following) a friend more than once?

EDIT: This will do it:

<%= if 
    current_user.friendships.where(:friend_id => user.id).where(:user_id => current_user.id).empty? 
    link_to "Add Friend", friendships_path(:friend_id => user.id), :method => :post 
    end %>

This is an outstanding episode! So concise and helpful.

Just one question... One small JQuery-related thing through me for a loop.

in /app/assets/javascripts/subscriptions.js.coffee, why was the change made to:



What is the [0] for? I have not seen that before.


Kind of a noob question here, but when Ryan moves the javascript into $(function() { }, why does this fix that issue? Would using the standard $(document).ready() not do the same thing?


Thank you so much. Basics for some, perhaps, but I such a solid and great explanation, this was very helpful.

I also appreciate your using regular JavaScript/JQuery for the example, rather than CoffeeScript; the sleep() tip is nice as well :]

Kudos for this!