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Thanks Ryan, very useful.

I have a requirement for user-definable attributes and found the pointer to Richard's Schneems example was just the ticket for me.

Really enjoying all the PostgreSQL screencasts.


@heyitsmeross: See my earlier comments @blackpond. It's just a path problem.

You can change this in your .bashrc / .bash_profile / .zshrc or do as I've done and change it where it originates, in /etc/paths.

Homebrew's main repository doesn't usually include packages that have already been installed, so the path won't have been an issue for you until now.


P.S. If you have already installed the postgres gem, uninstall it and then re-install it.


@blackpond: Edit /etc/paths and make sure /usr/local/bin is above /usr/bin in the file. Open a new shell, and you're good to go!


Long been a PostgreSQL fan so great to see this being covered.

@anyone: taps is great, but don't rely on the record count, it stops working when you have more than 400 records


Thanks Ryan, have wanted to tune my logs a little more. Good jump off point.

@Milovan: I've had this (raw HTML) issue too. I thought it was being caused by Glimmer Blocker, but having removed Glimmer, the problem persists (on Safari, for me).