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GitHub User: ashleyconnor

Site: http://ashleyconnor.co.uk

Comments by Ashley Connor


Tire might be retired but this Railscast has dated well. Everything works in Rails 3.2.14.

elasticsearch-ruby doesn't appear to be finished and isn't as well documented.

See Karel Minarik's commit here for some improvements on Ryan's code - https://github.com/karmi/tire/pull/131


Off topic but how do you get SQL syntax highlighting when using tail?


It is samey but it demonstrates all the things you need to know about these frameworks.

I'd expect these screencasts to take a lot longer to produce if Ryan had to write new boilerplate for each one.


Liked the Active::Record stuff on that blog so I've bookmarked this for later reading.



I've noticed that JQuery file upload supports chunking and resumable uploads. It's hard to find any info on how to do that in Rails. Any hints?