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A little warning.

Have been playing around with rubber and using this great tutorial as a guide. Create 3 instances and forgot about them for some weeks... BANG, amazon send me a whopping bill of $168.

Play around with the t1.micro instance and not the instances that are being played around with in the rails cast!


I couldn't get cropping to work with mini magick, but after trying some different things I still managed. Seems like someone has switched around on (X, Y) and (W, H).

This should work:

def crop
  manipulate! do |img|
    img.crop "#{model.width}x#{model.height}+#{model.x}+#{model.y}"

@carlosmendes Did you do that before or after you did cap rubber:create_instance?


Same problem here. Submitted it as an issue on the gem - https://github.com/rubber/rubber/issues/319.

@carlosmendes @skwasha @Heber Massami Nunomura @rich833 @kmamit Did you get it to work and how?


If I do cap deploy afterwards, then it deploys and works fine, but this issue should probably be fixed


Great, thanks. I'll look into it straight away :-).


Awesome railscast Ryan! One thing... each time I log into my application (www.Meer.li), it logs me out whenever I close the browser. How do I save and retrieve the user with a cookie instead of the session, so the user will be logged in automatically when he visits the page the next time?

Hope you have a solution. Would really appreciate it!