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Quick note for anyone scouring these comments for updates:

Check out Sucker Punch https://github.com/brandonhilkert/sucker_punch for simple background jobs that can run within the same process as your app.


I know this is 6 months old, but:

You'll want to handle this in your routes.rb file.

Something like:

get ":id" => 'users#show', as: :name_your_path


I'd like to recommend Wiselinks:


I like it better than both PJAX and Turbolinks



Even without a large site, wiselinks is the way to go.


Yes. Also if you delete a product_field from the product_type, the data remains.

This is nice if you've got a store that you or a couple of people manage, but wouldn't really cut it for anything larger than that.


I'd suggest you guys just check out the new Stripe docs. They're very clear and have been updated over the past year and a half.


+10 - the Wiki entries on testing are definitely lacking


Maybe its just me, but I don't see Angular working this way. What I mean is, it doesn't seem to be the right technology to use to "add js" functionality. jQuery is great for that. But these javascript frameworks make so much more sense when you build something for the client side FIRST.

You want to write your app in angular/ember and THEN use Rails or Sinatra (or...) for persistance, validations, and logic the user doesn't have to or shouldn't see, it makes much more sense.

I also think, and of course this is just my experience, that you can utilize JQuery without a solid understanding of javascript. Angular and many of these frameworks make so much more sense once you gain a solid footing with the idiosyncrasies of javascript.


Yes. It is why I'm learning Node and keeping my eye on Dart. One language for server and client.


Yeah would definitely love an update


There are sometimes problems with some browsers and mixed-content warnings.

For instance, I just finished a site where the client wanted a Mailchimp signup form in the footer of their site. If the form was submitted as secure, it would not redirect to mailchimp correctly. I couldn't leave the form unencrypted because I would get a mixed-content warning from IE.


polymorphic has_many is much more useful. that way THE SAME photo can belong to many different models.


I've just set up a site using the pipeline and SSL - you've got to make sure you use the image_tag helper and protocol relative paths:



Two things not mentioned:

1) If you're not relying on sprockets - say if you're using Compass to @import other stylesheets, your going to have to specify them in your production.rb. There is a commented-out config option to provide an array of files that should be pre-compiled.

2) Permissions. Still struggling with this one, but just keep an eye out for your web server's user/group having access to the public and tmp directories. (Perhaps not exactly related to the pipeline, but this is something that can come up while trouble shooting asset pipeline problems)


Yeah, really check your CoffeeScript formatting / indentation. I had a couple of those. I had to turn on soft tabs.


Great episode -

Why do you have to pass both params[:id] and params[:entry] to the update action in the entries controller?


I'd like to issue a warning:

This is nice for a very simple CRUD admin. Once you get to customizing it to fit your admin, it gets fairly involved fast.

The documentation comes up short, which shows in the amount of issues raised on github.

Ask yourself if you'd rather spend the time designing your own GUI rather than fussing with Activeadmin.