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Is this possible when using collection.build for example?
@board.users.adding_board_user = true
@scoreboard.users.build(username: val[:username])

adding_board_user is the conditional validation that works when called like the following in the user class:-
@user.adding_board_user = true

Just want to apply the same conditionals when saving a user from the board class.


Love these casts, as a rails noob I'm killing heaps of hours watching and tinkering :) Thanks Ryan.

I am at my wits end atm though... I've isolated everything my app should use down to:-
twitter-bootstrap (converted to sass)
and Simple Forms.

Clean, clear and simple....Not.
Cannot for the life of me integrate (what would seem to be the most simplest of tasks) simple forms with a Sorcery Login without getting errors on the 'remember_me' field.

Simple forms doesn't have a simple_form_tag option which would work best on a login form from the sessions controller new method. Instead I have to create a @user instance in that method, but then get errors on the 'remember_me' field "undefined method `remember_me'"

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I mean Greatly! Huge thanx in advance :)