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Anyone know the key differences between jasminerice and evergreen?


If your fixture form's input had the same id (#order_card_number) then you could include in the spec. But this is probably a bad idea as the tests lose isolation and it's not really a substitute for a full acceptance test with capybara/selenium.


You can refer to it as @Mine in the local scope.


Found the problem:

# ~/.zshrc
bindkey -v

This enables "vi mode", meaning vi command mode is activated when esc (or meta/option) is pressed. Comment this line out to revert to regular bash shortcuts.


Anyone else having trouble with shortcuts in zsh on Lion? eg after keying option-b (go back one word), other shortcuts like ctrl-e (go to end) no longer work. Delete and option-delete don't work at all. Terminal is configured with "Use option as meta key" checked. I tried @ErikHick's vt100 suggestion but that didn't help. I'm not using oh-my-zsh, just plain zsh with thoughtbot/laptop settings.


Adding kaminari to my Gemfile has stopped pickle steps being recognised by cucumber. Anyone else noticed this?