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Ryan -- I'm a big fan of this site, as you know from our email exchanges. So, I offer some friendly feedback from a moderate level Rails developer.

This cast was a nightmare to undo. I hod neither an idea about the dependency on Devise, nor the initializers the install method creates.

As you already know, you have a huge middle (moderate level) dev community you could reach. I'id personally pay almost anything to have things casted at my level.

The Bell Curve of Rails development reaches people like me -- and you should tap the market that is most willing to pay.

I know you are hesitant to recommend best-practices as to not divide the Rails community. I certainly respect that.

But the fact remains that every industry has its best practices, and I wish your and your cohorts could standardize on some so that your casts evolve from those best practices In my view, these casts are the means to an end, and we all want to reach the end.

Nonetheless, keep keep up the excellent work independent of my daft request.

Kind Regards, Hunt