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Comments by Mani Tadayon


Very interesting alternative to Cucumber. Reminds me of a new feature in Capybara that integrates RSpec acceptance tests, letting you write a test like this:

require 'acceptance/acceptance_helper'

feature "Articles", %q{
  In order to have an awesome blog
  As an author
  I want to create and manage articles
} do

  background do
    Article.create!(:title => 'One')
    Article.create!(:title => 'Two')

  scenario "Article index" do
    visit '/articles'
    page.should have_content('One')
    page.should have_content('Two')


For more info, see this excellent blog post:


Wow, I was just recently looking for an alternative to will_paginate that was compatible with Mongoid. Thanks again for the just-in-time railscast, Ryan!