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Right. I get why it wasn't working.

My question is how I could bypass the rack::cache layer for logged in users.

I could certainly do #169's approach, but I'd far rather optimize for the 99%, leaving my code pretty much in tact, and just serve up the site to the very small % of logged in users. My actual in app caching is optimized enough I'm not too worried.

I will look into #305, but I've scoured the net and can't figure out a way to disable rack::cache for requests based on cookies, which is what I would need to do here.


+1 to revising episode 169.

Does anyone know if you can simply bypass rack::cache for logged in users and still take advantage of http caching for 99% of my users that show up anonymous?

I set :public => !user_signed_in? accordingly, but rack::cache will still serve a public cached copy if it already had one to logged in users.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks for the awesome railscast as always!