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I am using Mongodb/mongoid with my Rails project. I followed the steps given. Most of things worked. But I am stuck at making mongo to work.

  1. the screencasts makes heavy use of config/database.yml. Should I do the same with config/mongoid.yml and make copy to config/mongoid.example.yml? What other files should I modify?

2 I suppose I should install Mongodb on Linode server and just keep it runing and pointing the production server to localhost in my mongoid.yml file. Does that sound right?

3 I wanted to make things generally working without setting up mongoid.yml correctly. But then because I have database.yml there with unused sqlite3 reference, cap deploy:cold gives error about sqlite3 not in the gemfile. I suppose if I remove config/database.yml altogether, it should not ask me to include sqlite3 any more?

These questions might be too specific to my situation. But any links to relevant information that can help me would be really appreciated.


Does anyone how what I would do if I have multiple dynamic dropdown in the same form. Say I am allowing someone to pick country state for 3 people at the same time. Is there a way to scope the javascript to look within each person div? Otherwise, the selector would interfere with each other and nothing would work.