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Works in HTML5, is cut off with Flash.

OSX Lion with Chrome 19.


Daaamn Chef is serious. It doesn't even make sense to use it for the tiny one-server example you gave; it's power only really starts to make sense once you see how Chef Server works to let you implement an EC2-type setup on your own infrastructure.

I've seen the value of it for a long time, but two different attempts to ease into it were thwarted by the bad introductory materials. This is a great introduction. I look forward to using this as a jumping off point to actually get into Chef someday.



Please tag this episode with "async" and "asynchronous". It was really hard to dig back up, not remembering how the technology was applied or that the gem is called Faye.


It uses ajax if your browser supports the new Javascript History APIs, that way the URL changes to match in the most beautiful and semantically sensible possible way, instead of using a hash (I'm now at '?view=comments', not '#comments').

Learn more about this in Episode 246 and this excellent blogpost from a front-end engineer at Twitter.

And get thee to a modern browser!


Is this significantly faster than Cucumber, or is it purely an aesthetic decision?



A couple of suggestions for future episodes:

1. Converting from Paperclip to CarrierWave
2. Uploading images with CarrierWave, ajax, & an upload status bar -- include how to do this with HTML5 drag&drop and I'll weep great tears of joy.