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Comments by Juan Manuel LF


check the runtime dependencies in http://rubygems.org prior to starting any feature addition ....

for example... http://rubygems.org/gems/best_in_place best_in_place requires Rails ~> 3.1.0 ....


yes, google for webmasters allows you to see a count estimate of the any related topic you may be watching,,, it was created as a tool for SEO but i guess you could use it that way too...

but this time I think you were just lucky :D


maybe some modifications to the js are needed... out of my head I can think of including the label on the :onclick event that triggers the edition...

or maybe changing the empty value to something like "none"


read my post from up here,,, maybe that will help...


well... you could change your whole edit action view to look exactly the same as your show, so the user gets that feeling that he/she is editing the thing directly....

this could be activated by some nice button that says "Activate edit mode" (which also warns that the changes are instantly saved)

and at the bottom of the page (or wherever it fits) another button saying "Finished with my edits" , which redirects to show view...

this way you would cut down on requests that aren't made precisely to edit (some user randomly clicking your UI... happens....)


Ryan says "when I un-focus" so it doesn't seem that Enter are required for the editions to take place,,, guess the best-in-place js s take care of that

I was asking the a similar thing myself: "what if I want to have a carriage return in the middle of batman's bio ???"