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Just wanted to point out to everyone - if you happen to be using the google-api-client Roo has a name conflict with 'Google' and breaks the api client.

Took a little while to track that down..


Hey 0ptimus - I'd REALLY like to see this app, I've been trying to get a similar type of app working..

Can you share some/all on github?

Feel free to email me - info on github..

--- EDIT ---

now that I'm re-reading this, maybe you didn't mean directory as "Active Directory"

I'm looking to integrate to AD to automatically notice new objects like printers and build a dashboard..


Is something like this what was used for the railscasts pro? I thought my statement showed something other than paypal..

(may we ask what was used for this sites payments?)


Hey guys - anyone else try to get it to admin your User or AdminUser models?

It seems to just edit the fields directly, and shows the encrypted password - where RailsAdmin would understand Devise and give you a regular password field that would work for password changes.

I want to use this to admin Users too :)



All my /edit views are rendering as pdf's too - similar to #63 -

Anyone have an idea for this??