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Comments by Andrew Havens


Thanks for the update lamont. I agree, things have changed and it's hard to find good documentation. I'm interested in learning how to use berkshelf and chef-solo together but can't find a good tutorial. Can you recommend one?


Great screencast. Glad to see it has been revised.

However, this solution only works for simple types of forms/associations. It becomes far more complicated (and confusing) to try and create a form like this that allows you to create different types of associations, each with their own set of fields (i.e. TextareaQuestion, MultipleChoiceQuestion, each subclassing a generic Question class). Almost like a polymorphic form builder.

I'm working on trying to create this type of form. It doesn't feel like this type of thing is supported very well by Rails form helpers. I'm having the same difficulty using the simple_form gem.

Essentially, you need to create a drill-down that allows you to select the type of association you want to create, then display the form fields relevant to the type you have selected.

It would be nice to see an example of this. I bet Ryan Bates would have a nice, clean way to accomplish this. =]


It's also worth mentioning that Girl Friday (along with a slew of other worker/queueing gems) were also written by Mike Perham. Sidekiq is his latest and greatest attempt at efficient message queueing in Ruby.


Great screencast as always! Just wanted to let you know that I released my first RubyGem a few months ago (inspired by all the recent pub/sub libraries). It's called Mad Chatter. It's a host-your-pwn Ruby chat server using EventMachine and em-websocket. I'd love to get some feedback/advice/contributors. Maybe I'll switch to use private_pub. ;-)