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GitHub User: jsfour

Site: consonum.net

Comments by Jimi


I resolved my own issue, turns out that I had somehow created a 'twitter' authentication that was useless at some point. Thus then the sign_in_and_redirect function was called, it was trying to append a non existing user!

DUH! It only took me a few hours...

This is great though thanks!


Hey Ryan thanks for putting this together for us. Its AWESOME and has really accelerated the learning curve for my journeys on rails.

I am having a problem with this though, for some reason I am throwing this error:

"undefined method `id' for user:Symbol"

on the

"sign_in_and_redirect(:user, authentication.user)" step of your instructions.

Here is my code: http://pastie.org/1372000

Have you seen this type of an error before?