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meta_request appears to conflict with exception_notification as featured in a previous episode. I'm running 1.8.7 so am unable to use better_errors.

I'm getting this:

uninitialized constant ActionDispatch::ExceptionWrapper
meta_request (0.2.1) lib/meta_request/middlewares/app_request_handler.rb:13:in `call'

Does anyone know why?


Hi Martin,

I've followed your routing tip above and it seems to mostly work for me however "Routes to use if no tenant subdomain exists" is tripping up on the 'around_filter :scope_current_tenant' used in the application controller. If I comment that out, the routing works for no subdomain, but then subdomain stop working. Any ideas how to get around this?



I'm also looking for a many-to-many solution that can handle more than one field. Has anyone managed this?