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Great screencast as always. Have you checked out https://github.com/nviennot/irb-config yet? It allows running tests from within the console as well, but it seems faster than the other tools.


I love both approaches. I relate well to Gary's DAS site because I've used Unix, Vim, and other scripting languages for a really long time, and am especially interested in how to improve my workflow using those tools. However, your approach is usually just what I need to get started using a new gem or technique for my Rails projects.

I greatly appreciate you spending more time on Refactoring, though, especially with a more Ruby or OO-centric approach. It has become the central theme at my work, where we've had enormous technical debt accrue over a 2 year period. IMHO, the traditional approach that many developers have learned initially for Rails is the root cause of why many codebases have grown to a barely maintainable level. Anything you can do to help developers learn better habits and produce more readable, elegant and stable code will certainly pay huge dividends when others inherit projects.

Please continue this work, if not for the free RailsCasts side, at least for the Pro subscribers.

Thank you for all of your hard work!


Let's say my service stores User records. If a customer signs in with Twitter and creates some records, they will be associated with their new user id. But, later if they sign in with another provider on a different browser, there's no browser session to track, and since the other provider doesn't exist in the database, it will create a separate User record. The customer will not be able to access the records they previously created when they logged in with their Twitter account. It's concerning because I know some users will forget what they used to sign in with originally. Is there a workaround for this?


Has anyone gotten this to work using form_tag instead of form_for? If so, would you please post an example? Thanks.


Great screencast, Ryan. I'm looking forward to improving a project using metrical and your coverage was just what I needed to get started. Thanks!