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Comments by Vladimir Prieto


i really can't see the benefits of using this kind of libraries inside rails. i mean, if i had to build something from scratch and have to structure the app, so maybe there something like backbone.js will be helpfull.

but i don't see the need of backbone.js inside rails since ror is already well structured and all the JS stuff can be fully served with jquery (or similar)...in fact, what i see here is backbone is complicating the "fun" of programming on rails.

...do im right? or i'm missing something? please, somebody help me to understand...


one question here:

on the minute 5.11 you show your development log, wich is very clean. did you clean it up by hand?

why i ask? because since rails 3.1 (i think) i get this annoying ouput on every request:

WARN Could not determine content-length of response body. Set content-length of the response or set Response#chunked = true

as far as i search, this is a bug on webrick that i couldn't find a workaround. i also test with Thin, but there's a bunch of other information that i don't want either. i just want a clean log as you show it!