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Site: http://blog.netzmeister-st-pauli.com

Comments by Andreas Wenk


+1 for a followup cast

as always - awesome work Ryan!

Thanks a lot!!!


Hi there,

first of all thanks to Ryan for a great RailsCast again and thanks to Sam for this wonderful gem.

No problem with installing the gem as expected. But I also do not see any SQL query times while profiling in development mode. Here's my setup:

ruby-1.9.3-p194 [ x86_64 ]
Using rails (3.2.8)
Using rack (1.4.1)
Using sqlite3 (1.3.6) for development
Using pg (0.14.1) for production (no MySQL gem)
Using newrelic_rpm (3.4.2)
Using thin (1.4.1)

Any progress in examining this issue? Do you want me to post this question / issue on http://community.miniprofiler.com ?

Thanks a lot



First of all - thanks for the awesome Railscast.

I had same issues as described above. Solution:

_ read the README in the git repository https://github.com/jejacks0n/mercury/ exactly
_ use gem 'mercury-rails' in your Gemfile without pointing to the git repository
_ fire bundle update
_ make a backup of your changes in mercury.js
_ make a backup of your changes in mercury.html.erb
_ fire rails generate mercury:install
_ use the changed eventhandler declaration described from Chris Sessions above
_ use saveStyle: 'form' in mercury.htm.erb
_ throw away your backups - you don't need them ;-)

You should not have problems anymore. Relax!