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Hi All,

I had found solution for this issue.

Combine the following code with this tutorial of RailsCasts

def makerecurring(payment_notifications_url,current_user)
process :request_payment, ipn_url: "#{notifications_url}?custom=user_id
process :create_recurring_profile, period: :daily, frequency: 1, start_at: Time.zone.now, ipn_url: notifications_url

1. ipn_url should be put within "request_payment" scope
2. Although I set up ipn_url for "create_recurring_profile" but it does not work.

If I have any more information, I will update.


Hi kmoczydlowski ,

During the last month, I've tested many scenario but ipn_url does not work. For briefly:
1. I've set the ipn_url within Profile section of PayPal Account of Shop Owner
2. I set ipn_url as reference here: https://github.com/fnando/paypal-recurring/issues/7
3. I set the frequency of payment to DAILY. All the transactions are OK within the Paypal History.

BUT, IPN_URL just does not work


Hi kmoczydlowski,

I used ipn_url and tested with Link

But there's still one issue:

I update Ryan's methodology with the following:

process :create_recurring_profile, period: :monthly, frequency: 1, start_at: Time.zone.now, ipn_url: payment_notifications_url
  • But PayPal does not call back my "ipn_url".
    I checked and saw the transaction was completed. I can see the transaction ID by printing the "reponse" value on console

  • By the way, I don't know whether PayPal will call my "ipn_url" in the next month recurring billing.


Hi Ryan,

I want Paypal recurring payment to notify with option notify_url, but gem "paypal-recurring" returns the following error:

undefined method `notify_url=' for #PayPal::Recurring::Base:0x131651bc

I do this at action "create_recurring_profile". Here is the content of the options:

options == {:
:description=>"Description for payment plan 10", 
:start_at=>Mon, 23 Apr 2012 02:36:04 UTC +00:00, :notify_url=>"http://localhost:3000/payment_notifications"

Hi Ryan,

Is there any way to use paypal notification in combine with PayPal Recurring Payment?



I found the solution, added omniauth-facebook, run bundle install, and it install something that omniauth-twitter does not, and then omniauth-twitter works fine.


I'm also facing problem with starting application after following the instruction. By the way, the omniauth has some new version, but I had added "omniauth-twitter" to gem file, and bundle install as follow:

Installing omniauth (1.0.1)
Installing omniauth-oauth (1.0.0)
Installing omniauth-twitter (0.0.7)

But when start the app it display the following error:
dependencies.rb:239:in `require': no such file to load -- multi_json (LoadError)

What is the problem here ?


I wished I could find out your comment about 6 hours ago. That the amount of time it took me to figure out the solution.