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Ryan make a wonderful new Screencast! I instantly implemented this within my project.
For a rake-task (to reset auth_token)Ryan recommandedin the video I personally wrote:

namespace :user do
  desc "Rebuild Auth-Tokens"
  task :rebuild_auth_token => :environment do
    User.transaction do
      User.all.each { |u|

Thanks a lot for update about tolk from dhh! Will try soon, but doc is already very promising...


After translating a simple rails app (starting with nifty-generators) I'm very happy to understand translation backends.
I very much like the Idea of a translation web-interface, but I'm not yet sure about redis. Maybe it makes sense in a large environment, but for my little personal use it's too much effort to run another server. Additionally I like the idea of having a file unter version control.

However it would be great to use a web-interface that is capable to trace all the "missing translation" entries when I run my app in development mode and to then display them in a matrix (item by supported language) to get an overview in what's missing.

Is there a gem like this out there?


Really great Screencast! I hat using this SQL code and so I'm happy about this alternative. Why the hack is this not build in standard ActiveRails?