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GitHub User: cubiic

Site: eqbalq.com

Comments by eqbal


is there any gem to use it with rails 3.0 ? rails pre-asset-pipeline ? I don't want to upgrade to rails 3.1 and looking for gem rather than to do it manually , any ideas ?


In my production server, I'm using ruby foreman to run multiple processes, I just want my application to keep working, even if one of the processes down, is there any tricky way to restart the processes or even not to stop all the other processes in case one went down ? I mean in production level I want the solution to be stable enough, is that possible without Upstart ?

Any hint/help would be highly appreciated .


I've been using foreman for a while now to scale my various ruby processes in a centralized manner, and it is working perfectly for me .

Anyways I would like to have some feature to restart a process or even to give it more control like to kill a single process and start it again, in the current implementation when I kill one process the whole processes in the main foreman stops . any workaround or solution here ? thanks in advance